Custom iCloud email but getting MX error

I have been trying to set up my custom iCloud email with my domain, but I consistently get the ‘Check MX record’ error even though they have been inputted correctly. I have tried all combinations of adding the periods at the end of the records, along with the quotations on the spf value.

My site name is and the domain is

I have contacted iCloud and they just suggest doing more of what I have already done (adding the results with and without periods and quotations.

Hi, @Adam_Portsmouth. Netlify is providing the DNS service for this domain but not the email service. This means we can troubleshoot the DNS service but we cannot debug what is happening with the email.

We can assist you with creating DNS records. However, we need you to tell us what the correct DNS records are. We cannot tell you that; you need to tell us what the correct records should be.

Would you please tell us exactly what records you want to create are? If so you so, we can send instructions to make certain that exact DNS record (or records) is created.

Hi @luke, thank you for your reply. I understand fully. All I would like to know is that everything is running perfectly on the Netlify side so I can go back to iCloud with the information.

Below are what the values show as in the iCloud settings.

Hi, @Adam_Portsmouth. Please understand that sending text as an image makes it very hard for someone to use the text in the image, unless they manually retype the text.

As I am just one person trying to help thousands of people, having me retype the text is a obstacle which slows down the troubleshooting. I’m not going to manually retype those records so I cannot validate anything in the screenshot. However, you clearly have access to the text itself so that is something you can do far more easily than I can.

Now, I did check all the DNS records at Netlify. All DNS records at Netlify are working exactly as entered into our UI.

So, we are correctly serving what was entered. However, if what was entered is correct or not, that is up to you to say.