Custom Email not using HTML Template

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I’m using the netlify identity widget - it’s now working correctly however I am trying to set up custom emails for password recovery and user invitation.

I have created the directory and html files and copy+pasted the examples directly from the docs but when I send the email it comes through completely blank.

Any recs on what could be causing this issue?

As mentioned in the Custom templates documentation

This feature may not be available on all plans.

If you look at the Netlify pricing page, it says custom templates are only available on the Pro plan and above.

Yep - I am on the business plan. Should be included with my current level.

How are you referencing the HTML files in the identity widget? Are the file paths and names matching the files that you created?

Maybe it will help if you share your repo so others can take a look and find any discrepancies if any?

@SamO - It’s a private repo so I can’t share access here but below are screenshots of both the settings in the email admin and the file inside of the github repo

@SamO - any other ideas here?

I’d suggest trying the filename as “/emails/passwordrecovery.html”. We only store files in lowercase in our backing store.

This has been solved - thank you to the support team for helping me via email. The issue was actually in the deploy settings, my build command was not properly importing the emails directory. I am a complete idiot around devops so they helped me out.

For posterity - I had a base level directory called “emails” in the repo which contained all the email html templates and the publish directory was “dist” I had to update the build command to …

npm run build && cp -r emails dist/

And it correctly pulled in all my emails.