Custom domain transferred fine a few hours ago, now has completely disappeared


I set up a custom domain for a deployed site. I pointed the namecheap DNS servers this morning, and everything transferred two hours ago - this is confirmed in the netlify DNS settings it says “Added to Netlify at 11:27 AM”. Everything was fine, until about an hour ago where now the site is back to the namecheap parking page on desktop and the site can’t be reached at all on my phone. Wondering what has happened, the security certificate has been issued fine, so it definitely was up for enough time for that to happen. Don’t know why it’s suddenly disappeared. The subdomain is working completely fine.

What would be the name of your custom domain?

Thanks so much for answering! It is

It looks good from my location in Southern California, so you might just be seeing a caching issue. Not only does your site load, but “redirects” to

You might try visiting your site in a new private / incognito window, or checking with or to see what screen grad each comes up with.

If it’s a caching issue, you might be able to help things along by clearing your local cache, either through your browser or by flushing your system DNS cache.

Thank you so much! That is a relief!

I can also see it is fine through but clearing my browser cache isn’t helping so I will looking into flushing the system DNS cache.

Glad it’s displaying properly for others, at least. Keep in mind that some ISPs do caching, too, which you are not able to reset, so you may find that you just have to wait out their TTL before you can see your site as expected.

I have just found out it’s fine on my phone if I turn off the wifi and am just on 3G! But it doesn’t work for any phone or laptop connected to the house wifi. So does that mean it is to do with ISP?

It could be either an ISP issue or a caching issue.

it is loading just fine for me as well, London. And as you are able to get it to load on your phone, i think we can rule out a regional issue - we are not hearing any other reports of connectivity problems in your aread. If the issue persists, though, can you let us know?