Custom domain SSL cert issue w/ Namecheap Domain

Did I try the chat interface? Yes, not resolved
Custom Domain:
Netlify domain:

I have a site with a custom domain registered with Namecheap and have the netlify DNS servers entered on the namecheap side. The www. domain works flawlessly but the non www version has SSL cert issues. The site has redirects setup to point from to but if users navigate to chrome throws up the NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID security warning.

I’ve had the site up and live for ~1 month and don’t see where I can request an update of the SSL cert files in the domain management panel. I’ve inspected the namecheap configuration closely and don’t see anywhere to update/detect where the issue is. Used the online dig tool and again no clear indications of non-expired config pointing to Namecheap etc.

Only major thing remaining was listing Netlify IP as an A record in the DNS records, unclear if more time required or not resolving issue.

Any help much appreciated! Thanks. is using Netlify DNS ergo you do not set this A record. That is for external DNS configuration only.

I see the www subdomain is working fine though. Does the apex domain show as connected to the site, and are the relevant NETLIFY records in existence in Netlify DNS?

Thanks for the reply @dig , good to know that makes sense, my networking knowledge is lacking…

These are the primary records setup on the Netlify DNS, which I think (?) should make the non-www domain work ok?

In theory yes the apex domain should work fine.

Scroll down on the page where you added the custom domain to your site and you should see the certificate. If you renew it, does it add the apex domain as well?

It shows awaiting External DNS, I just refreshed the certificates and still showing unverified but think that may take some time to update?

Confirmed Namecheap domain configuration is pointing to correct servers:

No, it should show Netlify DNS. It would appear there is a glitch in Netlify’s backend (guessing; I don’t work for Netlify.) Someone like @luke or @Melvin can help you when they are next around (I cannot say when though.)

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And now it looks like it’s resolved! Properly redirecting even though DNS is showing as unverified still. Will check back in but fingers crossed it holds and no news is good news!

Glad you got this sorted. I can see that your cert has been issued and your site is secured. Woohoo! :partying_face: