Custom domain not working with namecheap domain

I have configured my custom domain to my site its not working please help. I am getting Not Found
Below are the configuration

xyz 3600 IN A
xyz 3600 IN CNAME

@himanshukumar1988 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Is really your custom domain name?

@gregraven I just gave the sample, the actual is

@himanshukumar1988 I’m a little confused. I see that you have your CNAME pointing at your Netlify subdomain, but I also see that you have set the Netlify name servers for your DNS.

If you really are using the Netlify name servers, then you don’t need the A record or the CNAME entry.

If you are not using the Netlify name servers, why are they coming up in your DNS queries?

What exactly do you have as entries with your registrar?

@gregraven I want request coming to my custom domain to forward to netlify deployment i.e 5ec12a90e740ce9c981ec802–

@gregraven Thanks the issue is solved

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