Custom domain not working after deleting dns record

Hello, i accidentally deleted my dns records and it caused my custom domain to stop working

This was all in attempt to make the website automatically redirect from the netlify address to the custome domain, for seo purposes.

I would appreciate any recommendation on how to maximize my SEO on a Netlify website.

Also, how do i delete credit card details from the account?

This is my website:

Thanks in advance

Website custom domain is working again, guess it just needed some time

The Netlify free domain still does’nt redirect automatically to custom domain, even though it is configured to do so, will it hurt SEO?

Sorry for noob questions, i don’t have much experience in this

Are you sure configured to do so? Could you share how you’ve configured it?

If you’re worried about the subdomain hurting your SEO, you can use Netlify Redirects to block the subdomain: Redirects and rewrites | Netlify Docs

And your card has been removed from Netlify.

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Hi hrishkesh, Thank you for the reply
Here is a screenshot of my settings,

Where should i put the: netlify.toml file?
I tried the _redirect.txt file on public folder (react app) and it didnt work

The file is called _redirects, not _redirect.txt.

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Still not working… what am i missing?

Change it to:* 301!
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Awesome, its working now, Thank you very much!

Hi @Galaxy159 :wave:t6: ! Thanks for coming back and letting us know this worked for you! We appreciate it. (: :netliconfetti: