CSS Styling not rendering fully after deploying on Netlify

Please help, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I deployed my React App on Netlify recently, but the issue I’m facing is that the CSS styling seems not rendering fully for my components. Everything works well on my localhost and the output came out as expected. But after deploying on Netlify, The output just scattered. Please I’m confused right now. Here is the link to the Github repo https://github.com/femakin/meedicart
Also, Below are the two pictures of my output. The first one is the Localhost while the second picture is the out of Netlify


Here’s how the good output looks

The problem is that your class .row is getting the display: block applied on build, probably because that’s getting inserted in your stylesheet after the display: flex. Try changing it to display: flex !important or remove the display: block altogether.


Thank you hrishikesh, Your solution solves the problem. THANKS ALOT

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