My react app looks differently after i deployed

Hello guys!
I recently deployed my page and I run into an issue. My styles look differently on my local compared to deployed on netlify.

  1. My cart item is broken. it should all be in 1 line.
  2. React toastify toasts doesnt have required styling…
  3. Also a loading spinner doesnt show up on a page when isPending===true
    Name of a app is: kaleidoscopic-gnome-462914

Hey @Gawc1uuu

The issues are to do with CSS. Specifically the <div> containing the cart item has no CSS applicable to it, so it reverts to default bahaviour display: block. You could specify display: flex or inherit this flex from the parent node with display: inherit. You can test this in the browser too.

Often running in development mode locally, these issues don’t show up. I suggest if you build locally (npm run build) and browse the built site (e.g. npx serve <output-directory>) you will likely see the same issues you are seeing on the Netlify deploy.

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