CSS classes not loading in the same order in netlify as it does in local development

Netlify Site Link: https://potato-nike-clone.netlify.app/

I am using Evergreen UI Components in my React project. Locally, The CSS classes are loaded before the styles of the Evergreen Components. But in my netlify site, The styles are loaded before, thus I can’t override the component built-in properties through a CSS class in a CSS file.

Point to be noted, I checked the loading order from browser inspect.

Anything that I missed?

Hi @Raphael_Elvis_Rozari,

Can you provide an expected vs actual behaviour comparisons so we can see the problem?

On a side note, I can see that you’re using a lot of copyrighted material. If we get a complaint with regards to DMCA, we’d have to take the website down. You’d be notified, but it can be avoided if you’d use non-official and trademarked logos, names, images, etc.