Create a subdomain for a page

Hi there!

I have a site created with Publii and deployed with Netlify. I purchased the domain at Netlify.

Now I want to create a subdomain called and I want to create the content in

Any idea about it? Not sure how to create the subdomain following the instructions with the deployed branch’s.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @iambruno, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :slight_smile: Yes, it should (almost certainly) be possible to do this.

It looks like the instructions can be found here:

They’ll be giving you a series of DNS records to create at Netlify. You would add those records here:

If there are any issues when doing so, please let us know what records they are telling you to create and we’ll help answer any questions about how to do this at Netlify.

I am not able…

I share screenshots.
One is the error I get when I try to set the DNS that gives me.

And also I have a DNS that I can’t delete with this info:

TTL 3600 seconds

  • This is a system record that cannot be managed directly.

Hi, @iambruno, the NETLIFY/NETLIFYv6 type records can only be deleted by our support team. I have done so now. Note, I don’t think you can have A and CNAME records for the same name (there is a CNAME for this now). You’ll only be able to do one or the other now that the NETLIFY type record has been deleted.

If we should delete other NETLIFY type records, please let us know.