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Could Netlify provide more transparent information on its sustainability credentials such as renewable energy percent?

I would love to see quantified numbers at Sustainability, Renewable Energy, & The Environment - Netlify

For instance, based on your current usage of servers from AWS, Google, etc., it should be possible to calculate a rough estimate or indicator figure for % powered by renewable energy (based on the %s of the underlying services).

Similarly could you provide, or commission reports to provide, more solid numbers on the comparative carbon footprint of a Netlify JAMstack site compared to popular alternatives? (e.g. the most common Wordpress build)


Hi there, @Convincible :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out and taking the time to share this. I followed up with some of our teams and have shared your feedback and request.

While I cannot share a rough estimate of percentage powered by renewable energy, I can share that at this moment, just under a third of our nodes hosted by Google. Please note that this fluctuates fairly regularly! You can read more about Google’s cloud sustainability here.

Again, thanks for taking the time to write us about this.