Correct DNS records for externally registered domain?

New to Netlify and trying to figure out the DNS situation. I’m using a domain from Namecheap but I’ve pointed DNS to Netlify. The domain adding process mentioned required records would be created however I don’t see them. Even after reading the custom apex domain doc I’m still left not knowing exactly what to do.

A web dig from G Suite returns an IP for my domain, but my browser (after clearing the cache) and mxtoolbox cannot resolve it.

What (if any) records should I create in my Netlify DNS config to ensure my domain/site is reachable across the internet?

Your setup is perfect, but it looks like that DNS record was not created fully at our DNS host. Not sure why, but I just repaired it and confirmed - should work better now, but let me know if not!

SSL certificate should be along in a few minutes :slight_smile:

NICE! Thanks so much. So how long should I wait for the cert? I just tried to Provision it and got an error saying “missing certificate”.

Oh and DNS is spotless!

No wait, I see the cert now. I’m impressed… this is my first foray into web stuff after spending 2 decades supporting Windows and Linux systems. I’m super eager to get started with the whole deploy from github and aside from this DNS record weirdness the process so far has been great!

@invalid.path Just so you know, your style declaration(s) should go inside the <head> section, not in the <body> section.

Thanks… Im new to HTML.

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We aim for the whole experience to be magical - the bug with the DNS records missing is one we see around .1% of the time so hopefully you won’t run into it again :slight_smile:. If you’re like me, you support these things for a living, and then want them to “just work like I intend” in your spare time, so hopefully the rest of your experience looks like that - but let us know where it doesn’t and we’ll be happy to help :wink: