Control URL address for netlify dev

Is there any plan to add a flag to set the URL for nelify dev?

Or, let me put it in a different way: If I need to restart the live server, is it possible to use the same URL that I was using previously?

I’m interested in this as well, especially if coupled with HTTPS support.

i think we did this for the demo but it may have been a special hack. i’m not sure. whats the use case so we can understand core need?

Probably being able to run netlify dev --live -d guayom
Then the domain would be something like or something like that.
Or maybe being able to set the domain in the netlify.toml file.

Actually, anything that will enable you to use a fixed url for your site, or re-utilize a previously used url. :slight_smile:

ok but have to consider conflicts, if two hosts pick the same name. idk what our plan is. would defer to @calavera.

It requires some consideration, as @swyx mentions, we need to make sure that the connection is unique. If we decide to do it, we’ll probably make it match your site’s name on Netlify, so if your site domain is, your live domain will be


That would be absolutely perfect