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Netlify cli `dev --live` resulting in a 404 url

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I’ve been using netlify dev --live to develop locally and share. However, recently the URL produced is now resulting in a 404.

I’ve tried restarting the computer and restarting the command multiple times but no luck in resolution. Please help.

Hi @uptownhr,

Could you share your repo?

Interesting, I was able to get it working (keeping the server on for a while):


EDIT: It does keep auto-reloading for some time though.

As I mentioned before, it was working for quite some time. A guess right now is that something on netlify DNS is not working and resulting in a 404. I think the live DNS that the CLI is giving is not actually adding in a DNS entry.

I’m pretty sure if I created a new site in netlify and connected the same repo it would work. Actually let me go and try that, but still something to investigate - since something did break with the site to cli integraiton.

I was able to address the issue by cloning the repo and starting from scratch. Although my git diff didn’t show anything, there must have been something i changed.