Connecting Teespring Shop Subdomain

I am in need of assistance with connecting a teespring store to a subdomain.

The following is connection information from teespring.

Record Type Host/Name Value
A @

I have entered the following in my DNS records

I get a 404 when visiting the page at

I believe I am configuring everything correctly but I may be mistaken. Not sure what to do here, I’ve tried deleting all DNS records on the site but unfortunately that did not work.

@jeremy22 In the info you posted from teespring it says and in the screenshot you’ve posted you have written

Thanks @nathanmartin, the suggested config from teespring is That was a mistype in the OP.

@jeremy22 Their instructions seem premised on getting a domain name with both an apex and www subdomain hooked up, (which I’d imagine would be what most people would want), e.g. and

So the A record is for the apex and the CNAME record is for the subdomain.

You’ve applied both an A record and CNAME to the same subdomain.

Have you tried just having only the CNAME record?

I gave it a shot with just the CNAME record configured and that did not work either.

@jeremy22 Even if it were correct I’d be surprised if anything would work immediately since you’re likely dealing with DNS Propagation and potentially your browser DNS cache too, your TTL is set to 3600 seconds, which is 1 hour.

I will investigate that. However, we have been working on this for a few days. Will update the thread

I’d suggest reaching out to Teespring too, (if you haven’t already), since it’s their service that you’re attempting to connect with, and they can confirm if the details are correct.

Alright thanks @nathanmartin. While I have you, do you think that the DNS record that is set automatically upon build by netlify is getting in the way or is this not to worry about?

@jeremy22 I’m not much of a DNS expert, but my understanding is that the subdomain can only go to one place.

I’ve also not checked the docs, but I’d guess from the values that record is an internal one to direct the subdomain to that specific site instance.

So if you don’t want going to, (which you seemingly do not - since you’re trying to get it to go to Teespring), then I’d delete it.