Connecting issue to IONOS provider

This is my netlify site:
I can’t connect my site to, my provider is “IONOS”
The status on my domain page on Netlify is always “Awaiting External DNS”
I read this post but anyway i can’t make it work, any solutions? It looks like your site is now up and running! Let me know if you’re still experiencing issues on your end.

Hi @sid.mann I am having same problem. I added nameservers in IONOS to use Netlify DNS but on my domain page on Netlify it is always “Awaiting External DNS”.

My domain is I couldn’t figure out where is the problem.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t see any site on Netlify with that domain, @heeyangsushi.

This is my Netlify site:

I am trying to use domain: it is always showing Awaiting External DNS although I added the nameservers in IONOS. Could you help me troubleshoot the issue? Thanks

You’ve added some invalid A records:

You deleted the NETLIFY records that we added for you and decided to add your own A records. Thus, the result is what you can see.

Remove those A records, remove the domain from the site and add it again.

I have removed those A records. I also removed and added the domain again. As I have already added Netlify nameservers in IONOS, this should work now? Thanks

As far as I can see, it’s already working:

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thanks. Appreciate it.