Configure external DNS

Hello there,

I have build static site using Astro. I am having problem connecting my site with my custom external domain.

I changed nameserver to the specified name servers by logging in my domain settings page. After, 24 hours finally it was verified.

i’m using as the custom domain. my netlify domain is working fine but my external domain is not. can somebody help me??

in the verfication it sometimes shows a warning as "Awaiting external dns ".

it’s some security issue i’m facing , the custom domain works in incognito mode but not in normal , how can fix that issue , someone help me

It is working fine now @krishcodz, SSL included.

yes i registered my domain on cloudfare and it’s working now

Really!? is still using Netlify DNS and is served by Netlify. I don’t see Cloudflare anywhere in the equation. And it is advisable not to use Cloudflare in front of Netlify if that was your thought.

i have removed cloudfare now and i removed all my records in my domain settings and i restarted the whole process of uploading and adding custom domain now, i’m still getting the same issue , what should i do now?

As I posted earlier loads fine for me.

How many browsers, devices, and/or networks have you tried? Have you determined it is happening on only your one browser, device or network or have you determined that others are having the same issue connecting to your site?

Here’s another screenshot taken a few moments ago.

i added a A record in domain settings page for the value , and it just works now , i dont know how can you explain

also i added a sub domain for an another netlify hosted website and it is also working now, but i didn’t add any A record or Cname , it just works

Which domain settings page? In Netlify? This is not how you do things.

Here is the Netlify DNS documentation

NO, i did it on the domain’s settings page , i saw this ip in Configure external DNS for a custom domain | Netlify Docs , here so i added it

Yes, that is when you are using external DNS. You are not using external DNS, you are are using Netlify DNS. You cannot use both.

i changed my name servers in my domain’s setting page aswell , but the netlify verification showed me and arning as " awaiting external DNS " , so i did as the docs said.

as you can see my name servers are changed correctly

Once you set the name servers at the domain registrar to those provided by Netlify all DNS is then handled by Netlify.

i will remove the A record i added and i will try it again

I suggest removing everything and starting from scratch following the Netlify DNS documentation linked previously.

If you don’t want to use Netlify DNS following the configure external DNS documentation instead.

ok , thanks for the help , i will reply when i change the nameservers to default and rechange it to netlify’s and test it.

Remember, you only use Netlify’s nameservers if you are using Netlify DNS, not external DNS.