Cloudfare configuration

Hi guys im trying to add cloudflare in some my domain, but I don’t see the option. on their website he gave me nameservers 1 and 2, but I don’t find that option. can anybody help me?

You cannot add a domain to Cloudflare. You don’t manage that domain.

But i have my custom domains, How could add to It?

Can you explain what it is exactly you are attempting to do?

If you are wanting to add custom domain to Cloudflare configure it as per the instruction, but screenshot appears to show you are trying to add the domain.

However also take this support guide into consideration

Yah, Sorry, i send a wrong imagem with free Domain, but im trying to chance to my own custom Domain.

I’m half layman. I read the post I envy, so is it not correct to use cloudflare for applications here on netlify?

If the custom domain is currently using Netify DNS then you will need to move it out to add the Cloudflare nameservers.

If the domain is using external DNS (DNS of the domain registrar) the you simply change the nameserver as per the instructions given by Cloudflare.

Generally speaking no, you don’t put Cloudflare in front of Netlify as per the support guide. There are possibly counter arguments to this depending on where you look (e.g. other forums.)

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Got it, I’m still new with these processes. are keeping without it. Thank you for your help.