CNAME record prevent appending domain

Hi all,

I created a subdomain in the Netlify DNS panel, but it doesn’t work because it appends the domain name to the record.

For example:
I enter CNAME:, but it appends my domain like: CNAME:

How do you prevent my domain of being appended?

Thank you.

  • We need to know your netlify site name. Example:

  • DNS issues? Tell us the custom domain, tell us the error message! We can’t help if we don’t know your domain.

  • Did you try Ask Netlify, our generative AI chatbot,
    Yes, and it says the append is the default behaviour.


I emailed the support team from our CRM that needed the CNAME record. Even though their documentation states to enter the value and name in the corresponding fields, their solution was to reverse the order so Netlify could pick it up.