Clone and modify react app to new deploy

Hello all
I have a simple react spa build with say a couple of elements - image and title. It’s deployed as
What I’d like to do is clone the build, substitute a new image and title and redeploy as
The images are hosted on an image cdn. I’d like to stay within the netlify environment and no backend server involvement.
Would appreciate any input or ideas.

I don’t quite understand your question. If you have the source code, why not just modify it, push it to a different repo (or branch) and publish it as a different website?

I should have been clearer. I want to be able to upload/drag’n drop a new image to the page and edit the title and then deploy as a new subdomain on ‘click’
Like ‘save as’ in some simple way

I’d like to know if this is possible within the Netlify realm, and if so, how in outline could this be achieved?

I see what you mean. Push the changes back to a git and republish.

No you can’t edit individual files if that’s what you mean. You’d have to change the images and title in your folder and drag and drop it as a separate website.

Ok. Just for the sake of argument there’s no change required to the folder. Is there a dynamic way of saving as ?

You can use API to deploy the same code to multiple websites, but the content will remain the same.

Thank you hrishikesh for your patience. I was looking at
Sure its simple, and runs on php etc but in essence a user can edit his page by bringing up and then dynamically change some text or image link and resave the page as
I was wondering if there was a way to do this within a react-netlify environment

I’d say yes, it’s possible though I don’t know how exactly. I have seen some posts on the forums where people have managed to use Jamstack to create website building websites (or something similar). If such a thing is possible, this seems possible too.

However, one thing to note: Though Netliy mentions unlimited websites, there’s a limit of 350 or something to prevent spam. The limit might be raised later by support team but, I thought you should know if you’re planning to go down that route.

No - spamming is definitely not my intention! I was more interested in dynamic change and redeploy. But thanks for your comments. It seems from what you say there may be a route through. I will have to keep digging. Regards