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I need to further test my site is it possible to change the main domain to the old one where it is only on netlify app and after i end testing return back to the purchased domain ? I need to suspend the site in the meantime already deactivated the js file of it.

Go to Site settings → Domain management → Remove the domain

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When i do so can i add the domain back or is it irreversible ? If i removed the domain can i restore it after that or it will be lost ?

You can add it back when needed.

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How can i put it back sorry i am new

Just the way you added it in the first place, or the same way you would remove it: Site settings → Domain management → add domain

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But when i re-add it i won’t be charged again right ?

No you won’t be charged again

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@hrishikesh thanks so much can’t thank u enough. In love e netlify already