Choosing if page (not post) is published or not

Hi all, I’m trying to let users decide if a page is rendered or not.
I can do this myself in the frontmatter of a page using “published: false” but I don’t know how to access this using Netlify CMS. Is there a way of changing frontmatter of a page using Netlify CMS?
I’m using Jekyll as a SSG.

The CMS can be used in that way, if you use the editorial workflow:

  • this allows authors to leave a post in draft, ready for review, or publish it - and all are saved to git.

If you want to decide at build time, you could probably adjust jekyll to look for some custom frontmatter field you add and “do the right thing based on it”, but I don’t have specific advice around how to implement that.

Perhaps it’s built already and you can just use the field mentioned here? jekyll - How to make my post not public for a while? - Stack Overflow