Editorial workflow

I have a question about how editorial workflow works.

When I edit existing content, I do not see the option to publish it – the button reads ‘published’, and I see unpublish or delete options in the dropdown, but I can’t (re)publish it.

If I first click save, then I see the option to publish. But when I click publish I get an alert telling me I need to change the status to ‘ready’ before publishing:

If I change the status to ready as instructed I can then publish.

Is this the expected behaviour? It seems convoluted that to update an existing article I would need to go through several steps. I’m wondering if something is wrong and whether this could be related to the image problem I’ve mentioned, as this is occurring when existing content is updated.


I think this is the expected behavior, until you save, the application will not shift its state to unpublished. And when you do save, it will be under Workflow/Drafts because well, your changes are just that, a draft. If you go to GitHub and go to your pull requests, you can see what’s happening with every action, maybe that clears up some questions.

Hope this helps

Thanks for clarifying, first and foremost I wanted to make sure I was setup properly!

From a user experience point of view this does seem a bit of a flaw – explaining to a user that ‘saving’ an article after updating its content requires several steps (click save, change status to ready, click publish) is going to result in confusion.