[Jekyll][Netlify CMS] Working with existing _drafts directory

I have a Jekyll blog hosted on netlify. I tried netlify CMS today and added collections for different categories of my posts.

Currently I am stuck at working with the drafts. I have few draft posts in the _drafts directory on which I am working on.

I tried editorial_workflow. But that is working for only freshly created posts (or drafts).

So how do I make _drafts posts visible in the cms and work with _drafts posts so that when the draft is finished, it automatically moves to _posts directory.

Hi @nayabsd, the way the CMS works in editorial_workflow mode is by creating a new branch and pull request per draft. Loading unpublished (draft) entries based on a directory is not currently supported.
You could submit a feature request (if it doesn’t exist already) here: https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms/issues

Hi @erez,

Feature request got closed saying that I got the answer already here. :laughing:

Sorry about that, it was re-opened again :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry. It was a bit late the other day :sweat_smile: