Checking DNS pointing correctly to go daddy

Going to on a mobile device takes me to a “Your connection is not private” error. On a computer, this error does not show and I can go to the website. Going to works fine on mobile (without the www). I talked with go daddy support as I deploy the website with Netlify, but the domain name is from go daddy. They told me to contact Netlify to make sure the DNS is pointing correctly to the domain name. Can you check the DNS? Also, what do you think is causing this error on mobile only?

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Hi, @3bridgesdev. The most common cause for this is delays in DNS changes due to “time to live” values on the previous, not the current, DNS records:

Hi @luke , thanks for this info. However, I didn’t make changes to the DNS for a few months. After reading the linked resources, it looks like the changes should be in affect 24-48 hours.

Going to on a computer works, however on mobile, it brings me to the “Your connection is not private” error. Is there something that I can check in netlify that would only be affecting the domain in mobile devices? I am trying to fix the error so users on mobile can go to or without error. is using Netlify DNS.

Some devices running older versions of Android aren’t compatible with recent certificates. There is an upcoming change to Let’s Encrypt noted in this Cloudflare article and linked Let’s Encrypt article where core root certificates will expire. This may or may not impact you now or down the track.

Thanks for the info @dig . The issue is happening on iPhones (unsure if androids also have the same problem). Do you know why this would currently affect iPhones as well?

Yes. And it has nothing to do with what I mentioned in my previous answer.

DNS records for look perfect.

DNS records for don’t

$ dig 3542 IN	CNAME	38	IN	A	38	IN	A	38	IN	A	38	IN	A

For some reason there is the CNAME record above which most certainly isn’t what you want.

Using +trace on dig also shows an additional CNAME record exists

$ dig CNAME +trace
# rest of output removed 3600 IN	CNAME 3600 IN	CNAME
;; Received 127 bytes from 2a00:edc0:6259:7:1::4#53( in 32 m

You need to remove these CNAME records from Netlify DNS and ensure the NETLIFY record for the www subdomain exists. If it doesn’t I’m sure @luke can help set it up again.

Thanks @dig . We were able to fix the issue after your most recent comment!