Check DNS Configuration in Netlify Dashboard


The domain is always shows an error - Check DNS Configuration.

I have made sure that the DNS configuration is correct in AWS Route 53.

Route 53 config -
= = to

Also, I wanted to set as the primary domain, which didn’t work out because of the above issue.
And now the Lets encrypt SSL certificate is throwing an error in the Netlify dashboard- SniCertificate::CertificateInvalidError: Unable to verify challenge for futureapi(dot)com

Please help and suggest what am I missing?

Hey @futureapi, sorry you’re running into this :frowning: my hunch is that you have an existing IPv6 record that’s conflicting with the A record pointing to our load balancer. Similar issue to here:

Could you see if that’s the case and, if so, delete that record at AWS and see if it solves this problem for you?

Hi @jen

Thank you so much for the reply.

I checked my config on AWS Route 53. I don’t see any A record for the domain
As mentioned above in the post above, I just have 2 configs. One a CNAME for www and the other is a NameServer configs from values dns1 to dns4.
I don’t see an IPV6 record there in Route53.

Please can you help resolve this issue?

Something does seem to be weird with your DNS. I see you have the four Netlify DNS name servers set up, but while they return A return a “Netlify” IP address, otherwise the A record shows as being with AWS.

First question: Why is AWS Route 53 involved? You should be able to make entries with your domain registrar that point to the Netlify DNS name servers and eliminate the middleman. Am I correct is thinking that you registered your site with NameCheap?

Second question: If you’re trying to assign DNS to Netlify from the DNS at Route 53, why do you have a CNAME entry? With Netlify as your DNS, you shouldn’t have other DNS entries at other services that might conflict, right?

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Hi @gregraven ,
Thank you so much for the reply.

Reg. First Question:
I am using Route 53 as I’m using couple of AWS services to host the product(like lambda, ec2, RDS etc.,).
I love Netlify and prefer Netlify to host static sites, so, I wanted to host my homepage here.
Yes, you are right. My domain registrar is NameCheap.

Reg. Second Question:
I was instructed(during configuring the website) by netlify to have CNAME entry for and have NS entries for Is there anything else I have to do or try?
Do you suggest me to delete the CNAME record? Will that be ok?

Please let me know if I have to try something to get this to work.

You just need to figure out what service you want to have handling your DNS, as any of these three (NameCheap, Route 53, Netlify) can handle those duties. But you need to pick one and have all your DNS setup there.

In your position, here’s what I would try:

Tell NameCheap that you are using Route 53 for DNS, and then make each of your DNS entries there. In Route 53, you would have an A record for Netlify’s load balancer, plus the CNAME entry for your Netlify subdomain (e.g.

The only DNS entries I would have in Netlify are those mandated by Netlify to point the Netlify subdomain ( to the custom domain (

Yes, that sounds reasonable. That’s exactly how it is routed right now. But, there is a missing piece though.
I have not pointed A record to Netlify’s A record. According to this article -
It says, I have to point it to So, adding a new A record to should fix the issue right?

If AWS supports CNAME flattening, then I believe you can add another CNAME for your www subdomain. Cloudflare supports CNAME flattening, but usually you cannot have a CNAME for an apex domain name, which in your case is

If not, you should add an A record to the Netlify load balancer Even if AWS supports CNAME flattening, this should get you on track.

For what it’s worth, I’m still showing that you have Netlify defined as the name server for your custom domain, not AWS. If I understand your setup correctly, you will want to use AWS name servers, and with AWS specify the A and CNAME records for your Netlify hosting for this website. That is, you would NOT have entries for Netlify name servers within AWS, but rather let AWS handle the propagated DNS.

You can check your setup here:

Thank you for the details.

I have made the following changes right now-

  1. added A record for futureapi(dot)com to point to the Netlify load balancer.
  2. CNAME of www points to the netlify subdomain.
  3. Changed back the NS values back to AWS NS (ex- ns-407(dot)awsdns-50(dot)com. etc.,)

Let me know if the changes are correct. Just hope it fixes the issue.

You’re making progress; your site is starting to load for me. The “dig” values look correct, too.

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Thank you for your time and sharing details as to what had to be done. Everything seems to work right now.

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Brilliant work, @gregraven!

@futureapi, glad you’re all set for now- please reach out again if you have any other questions down the road.

Thanks @jen everything is perfect :slight_smile: