Error: Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain

Hello, I’m getting some errors. My netlify site name is, and my domain name is, registered on Route 53. I could upload only one image to clearify you to help me, but I’m writing you more informations.

Within netlify DNS settings: | 3600 | IN | NETLIFY | | 3600 | IN | NETLIFY |

Within netlify production domain section: (Netlify subdomain) | | | | (Primary domain) | | Netlify DNS ok is green | | (Redirects automatically to primary domain) | | Netlify DNS ok is green | |

I’ve already read some other topics about this problem, but I couldn’t solve my problem.
Maybe I forgot some other information to clarify you to help me. If I did it, please let me know.

This is my first topic here on netlify, and my english is not so good, but I hope you to understand. Thank you in advance.

Hi @jonataslaet,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

With our service, you’ll want to configure either External DNS or Netlify DNS, not both at the same time. Having both External DNS and Netlify DNS configured at the same time came cause issues with provisioning an SSL Certificate.

If you want to use External DNS, you’ll want to remove the Netlify DNS Zone here:

You’ll also want to remove the Netlify name servers that are configured at your registrar.

If you instead want to use Netlify DNS and not External DNS, you would remove the A Record created for the apex domain that is pointing to and remove the CNAME Record for the www subdomain that is pointing to


Sorry for I’m late in replying. And thank you very much for your support! Everything is working very good now.

awesome! Glad to hear it!