Changing deployment region for sites

I want to change the deployment regions to AWS Mumbai (ap-south-1) for these following site ids below



I assume you mean function region?

So i have 3 sites:
2 of them (c82405b0-0a48-4fbf-860f-979628647efc and c1c40b52-6ac2-425c-ad35-b8e61d32d4dc) are react front end websites. and they talk to backend that has functions (925f9b60-a694-47a1-b41a-d34bb0c156f7). All three are deployed on netlify. The db is located in Mumbai. I want all of my hosted sites on netlify to be served from India.

Basically my calls are very slow from netlify compared to local development. My db is served from mumbai and my local development is happening from bangalore.

So for the back end site it has function. So answer to you question is valid for my backend site (25f9b60-a694-47a1-b41a-d34bb0c156f7) and answer would be yes.

I want my front end sites also to be deployed in Mumbai region. Is that possible? If not, what alternatives do i have to make site served in India using netlify.

Hi we can’t serve them from a specific country but I can set your region to ap-southeast-1.

Is that okay?

Can you set the region to to AWS Mumbai (ap-south-1)?

Hi @ramyasanghaofficial ,

We do not have ap-south-1 available. The closest would be ap-southeast-1 Singapore. Would that be okay?

Ok sure. So for all three sites please serve it from this region. Thanks.

This is done. Can you please redeploy to see this in effect?

Thanks. The site loads much faster now. Will mumbai region be available at some point? My main target is India first. I might have to shift to another service if this is the case.

If the main target area for your site is India @ramyasanghaofficial, perhaps a better service is one that hosts the site wholly in India rather than one hosts on a location kind of close to India and utilises a global CDN. If speed for the rest of the world isn’t an issue, I see little point of using a CDN service.

Not to discredit the service Netlify offers of course.

At one point, maybe a year from now, we want to go global. But i don’t want to compromise on currently quality for future. I am working on a startup idea, which will initially be tested in India and once we have sufficient traction, go global.

Would be great if Netlify has adding India as a region on their upcoming plan. Can someone from Netlify please confirm if this is the case?

You may like to look at the High Performance network which includes Mumbai as per this post

This is likely not going to happen in the future.

Hello, I have created a branch deploy for my website on netlify with the url

The main production site is with the site id

Can you please check if the function region is coming from Singapore for the

If not can you please change it to Singapore. Also change it for a branch deploy of another site (site id for the produciton one c1c40b52-6ac2-425c-ad35-b8e61d32d4dc)

Hi @ramyasanghaofficial,

All branches of a site use the same region, which as we can see right now is ap-southeast-1.

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