Changes reflected on netlify site but not in custom domain


I am having a deployment issue when I navigate to my custom domain. I can see the changes are reflecting properly in the netlify site but not in the custom domain.

Here’s a screenshot of my custom domain: (

Here’s the Netlify site:

A bit of history of the change I made, I replaced how I render the images and removed the gatsby-background-image package. I can also validate that the change’s are in the Netlify site because I can see the div elements having the class “.blurred-img”. I have also tried “Clear cache and deploy site” multiple times but still having the same results.

Can someone help me?

Thank you

It would appear you are using Sucuri. Based on the headers, it would appear they implement a cache. It is this that is causing your issues.

Hi @dig thank you for your response. I have cleared the cache and now waiting for the updates to propagate. Hopefully, it wont take long.

The issue you’ll face is that every time you update your site you’ll need to either wait for the cache to expire to load the new version or manually clear it. For this reason I suggest removing this service from in front of Netlify. It uses Cloudflare too and there is a support guide which outlines the issues using such a service in front of Netlify can create