Certificate renewal error


Having problem and got a email from netlify with error on renew SSL certificate on site. I have been having problem with this domain before but can’t figure out why really. The domain i registered on GoDaddy so maybe some problem over there but I have changed A records and think everything should be correct there but pretty newbie on DNS stuff so reaching out for any suggestions on what I have been configured wrong here.

Please let me know if you need more errors.

Email from Netlify I got this error:

SniCertificate::CertificateNonvalidError: Unable to verify challenge for pedleylaw.com: Fetching http://pedleylaw.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/ESZBKhW1pzWeh0f608yXiqr9l0-lNy9n6Mk2B6uqAX4: Timeout after connect (your server may be slow or overloaded)

Site information:
netlify site name: goofy-hopper-a2f917.netlify.app
custom domain: pedleylaw.com


You’re not really using Netlify DNS. So, I’d advise you to delete the DNS Zone from here: Netlify App, to prevent any errors.

But, it appears your certificate was updated later?


Yes the certificate has been updated from GoDaddy service but yesterday my time the site wasn’t under an certifcate and unsecure but now it seems its all working.

But what do you mean remove DNS Zone? Should i remove all the DNS records in netlify or something else?

There’s a Delete DNS zone option at the bottom of the page on the above link.

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