Carousel, Accordion not working when deployed to Netlify (they work fine locally)

Hi, as per title, the header carousel, the FAQs accordion and the News Accordion are not working when deployed to Netlify. I am using Bootrsap 4 + slick-carousel/1.9.0.

The site is the following:

While the Github Repo is GitHub - alfiofederico/kayguys-proto

Any help would be much appreciated thanks!

Hey @alfiofederico

I don’t see any issue as both carousel and accordion work for me. I have uploaded screen recordings to GitHub GitHub - coelmay/alfiofederico

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I swear, it does not work for me when viewing it on netlify, what am I doing wrong???

Have you tried using a different browser, private/incognito window?

I did, it still looks broken! Please could
you confirm you recorded it while navigation on Netlify?

Where else would I have navigated?
How’s this: alfiofederico/Screen Recording 2022-02-18 at 10.41.46 at main · coelmay/alfiofederico · GitHub

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It’s not working for me either, there’s a bunch of errors in my console all pointing towards the same problem: It seems like you’re trying to load jQuery from an insecure source. Change to

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That’s interesting @tomrutgers. I’m using Firefox in HTTPS-Only Mode yet it doesn’t have any issue with the http:// jquery. But if I use Chrome or Safari it fails :confused:

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That was it, thanks a mil mate!!

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That is rather disturbing. Can I recommend brave? It’s chrome but without the google sauce.

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You can.

I already use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera, what’s another browser to add to the list!?

Perhaps I should go back to using Lynx (that’s still maintained right!?)

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