Can't set debit card with dynamic CVV as payment method


As the title says, it seems that I can’t use my new debit card with Netlify. I believe it’s related to the card having a Dynamic CVV code, which I guess that’s what triggers the error.

Note that I have been able to use this card in other services such as AWS, Google, and Cloudflare.

Thank you!

Hey there @HorusGoul, welcome to Netlify Forums :grinning:

I have moved your post to the admin category… there a support engineer will be able to help you.

Hey there, @HorusGoul :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I have gone ahead and opened a helpdesk ticket for this. Please stay tuned to your email for a response!


It seems that this error I’m receiving on the network tab:
“success”: false,
“processId”: “1160DC65EB09E309”,
“reasons”: [
“code”: 52000099,
“message”: “Transaction declined.
GATEWAY_REJECTED - Gateway Rejected: risk_threshold”

Hi there @HorusGoul,

Thanks for reaching out! A Support Engineer will respond in the helpdesk ticket I opened for you. I appreciate your patience here :slight_smile: