Can't figure out how to build python sites that have theme imports

I’m trying to build a site that uses this theme however due to the imports in the file, it fails. I’m not sure how to properly set this up so that I can use this theme and its python modules.

from sphinx.application import Sphinx
from sphinx.util.docfields import Field
from sphinxawesome_theme import ThemeOptions, __version__
from sphinxawesome_theme.docsearch import DocSearchConfig
from sphinxawesome_theme.postprocess import Icons

example error that occurs for ThemeOptions and DocSearchConfig

ImportError: cannot import name "DocSearchConfig" from "sphinxawesome_theme.docsearch" (/opt/buildhome/python3.8/lib/python3.8/site-packages/sphinxawesome_theme/
  1. I have a runtime.txt file with 3.8 set
  2. I have a requirements.txt file that has a bunch of dependencies including sphinx and sphinxawesome_theme


Which site is this about?