Python 3.11 or newer

Since the repo for build image was archived, I wanted to create a new post on the forum to discuss/follow this suggestion.

It will be pretty interesting and useful to update the Python version of Netlify.

Python 3.11 is quicker, with 20/30% of improvement in speed. Furthermore, using mkdocs, many plugins upgrade to use the syntax and function added in 3.10 & 3.11.

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Hi @Mara-li,

The devs are aware of the request and are working on it. As they’ve mentioned, there’s no ETA.

Just FYI, Sphinx has just dropped support for Python 3.8 on their master branch, meaning their next major version release won’t be supported in the current state of the netlify Ubuntu 20.04 based runners:

It’s actually been dropped in Sphinx 7.2.0:

This means that Sphinx 7.1.2 is the last Sphinx version which is currently supported when using netlify.

Please have a look at updating the runner images with support for newer Python versions. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing, @bastimeyer. I’ve passed this to the devs.