Python 3.10, 3.11 or newer in netlify CI


It鈥檇 be really nice if Netlify added python3.10+ to
the build servers, especially now as python3.11 is 3x
faster than older python versions

Also python 3.8 is getting more and more painful
to work with as newer python versions are coming out,
like even today I worked on a build script in python,
as I have python 3.10 it worked on my machine, but
as soon as I pushed, boom, errors

Anyway, hope to see it come to netlify :slight_smile:

(reference; build-image/ at focal 路 netlify/build-image 路 GitHub)

Please post the request here: Latest python version 路 Issue #606 路 netlify/build-image 路 GitHub where our devs could directly action it.