Can't access Netlify dashboard

Hello, I’m having an issue with login in my Netlify account. After completing login with Github, it stays in the
indefinitely in loading screen. I’ve seen a similar issue in this forum, and in that case the account had been suspended.
I had a domain in Netlify, and I believe that since my credit card number has changed, I probably was charged, and didn’t pay.
This is an example website hosted under my account:

Hi @wwArthur :wave:t6: thank you for reaching out. I can confirm you cannot access your account as you have an outstanding bill of $17.99 on your account. Can you confirm if you intend to pay this outstanding balance? If so I can reactivate your account so payment can be made.

Thank you!

Yes, I intend to pay

I’ve temporarily re-enabled your account to allow you to update payment information.