Cannot login through netlify-cli


I am having trouble logging in to my netlify account using netlify-cli node module. It opens a url in my browser and then the netlify loading page just appears forever.

I do not know what to do about this. Please help.

Hi, @ghulammustufa31, are you logged into Netlify in the browser where the window opens?

If not, please test logging in there first and then running netlify login again.

Also, if the netlify-cli tool is opening the wrong browser, close the window without clicking the button. Then copy the URL from the netlify-cli windows (in the terminal/shell) and paste that URL into the browser address bar where you are logged into Netlify.

If logging in via browser first and copy/pasting the URL both fail to resolve the issue, please reply anytime and we’ll keep troubleshooting.

Netlify loading screen appeared for too long but eventually went to the login screen. I was already logged in to netlify from the browser and I also copy/pasted the URL to the browser but but the response was same and delayed.

My issue is resolved but it took quite some time like almost 8-10 minutes for the loading screen to go.