Cannot keep url unchanged with redirects

I have two simple nextjs apps on netlify that show “one” and “two”

What I want (dots removed)

sso allwellapi com
→ see “one”

sso allwellapi com/two
→ see “two” and “sso allwellapi com/two” in the url bar

What I see instead

sso allwellapi com
→ I see “one”

sso allwellapi com/two
→ I see “two” and “” in the url bar

monumental-basbousa-ac5bec netlify app/two
→ I see “two” and (correctly) “” in the url bar

app one

url: monumental-basbousa-ac5bec netlify app
custom domain: sso allwellapi com

  from = "/two/*"
  to = ""
  status = 200
  force = true
  headers = {X-From = "Netlify"}

app two

url: sparkly-pasca-428cb4 netlify app

what I did

I tried 301 instead of 200, same result


I’m seeing expected results:

Very strange behavior…
If I open a different chrome instance, for example incognito, I see like you the correct result
But in the browser that I use daily I still get the wrong url on the address bar

Tried to clear cache, cookies and also dns cache at chrome://net-internals/?#dns

There must be some other cache to clear. Any idea?

Can’t say much about an issue I can’t see. If, as you say, the browser cache has been cleared, it should have worked, but if not, I also don’t have any other ideas, unfortunately.