200 Country specific redirects not behaving as expected, they change the URL in the browser address bar

Hi there!

I’m trying to set up redirects to display different pages based on the visitor’s country, and I’d like to use a 200 redirect for this to avoid changing the URL in the browser address bar.

The redirects are working, however the URL is being changed.

Below is my _headers file (I’ve downloaded the deployed zip file and validated that _headers is correct and located at the root)

## Created with gatsby-plugin-netlify

/  /ORGuwgcsEyBle70Vwc5pK/  200!  Country=DE,AT
/store/  /21WtfNyaBXodsFEKRTw9Wz/finnish-store-test/  200!  Country=FI
/de/  /ORGuwgcsEyBle70Vwc5pK/de/  200!  Country=DE,AT
/de/  /2SMqg35tTUJuGgJjkcdBf1/de/  200!  Country=FI

I’m testing this by setting the nf_country cookie in my browser.

For example when visiting example.netlify.com/store with nf_country set to FI, I’m redirected to example.netlify.com/21WtfNyaBXodsFEKRTw9Wz/finnish-store-test/ as specified in the redirects but the new URL also shows in the browser address bar.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Hi @jhs! Mind linking us to your actual site? We’d need to see those in place to understand the misbehavior, and you do not own ‘example.netlify.com’ - our CEO does :stuck_out_tongue: