Cannot get certificate

Provisioning certificate for site “unruffled-fermat-17448d” is taking more than 24 hours

hi there, are you trying to link a custom domain to that site? if yes, which one?

yes i try to link the domain and im linking by A record to the servers IP

Hey @robert197,
The problem seems to be that you are trying to include in the SSL certificate, but that domain does not point to us.

$ host -t ns name server name server name server

You have a few options:


Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

did it. Still doesnt work.

Hey @robert197,
Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble with this :frowning: It does look like you have an SSL certificate for, so that’s progress! Will that be sufficient or will you need the certificate for as well?

If you need, there are a few more steps. Unfortunately, when I check your DNS, I still don’t see records for Maybe you created the DNS zone and then deleted it? You will have to create it here:

And then let us know so we can manually issue an updated SSL certificate.