Can not understand form submissions (code included)

I think I’ve tried everything I can think of and read about the Forms I can not get my code to submit to Netlify forms. The info I fill out in my form shows in the logs. On my form page after filling out the 3 input ares and SUBMIT I get “Message submitted successfully!”

site =

import { Link, MetaFunction, useActionData, Form } from “@remix-run/react”;
import { useOptionalUser } from “~/utils”;
import { json } from ‘@remix-run/node’;

export const meta: MetaFunction = () => {
return [
{ title: “chYOUz Home Page - Personalized Songs for Your Slideshows” },
{ name: “description”, content: “Personalized songs created by chYOUz for custom slideshows and special occasions.” }

// The action function is not necessary for Netlify forms since Netlify handles the form submission
export const action = async ({ request }) => {
let formData = await request.formData();
let name = formData.get(“name”);
let email = formData.get(“email”);
let message = formData.get(“comments”);

// Handle form data (e.g., send email, save to database, etc.)
// For now, let’s just log it to the console
console.log({ name, email, message });

return json({ success: true });

export default function Index() {
const user = useOptionalUser();
const actionData = useActionData();

return (


Personalized songs for your moments and memories.

{/* You still need to add the hidden input with the form name to your JSX form */}

Don’t fill this out if you’re human:




Submit message

{actionData?.success && (

Message submitted successfully!


{user ? (

View Notes for {}

) : (








@markymarkaz There’s information missing that would help me determine where you’re stuck.

  • Do you have form detection enabled for the site?
  • What’s the URL for the static HTML version of your form?
  • Do you see the form being detected in your build log?

yes the Form detection is enabled.
URL of my form chYOUz Home Page - Personalized Songs for Your Slideshows
I do not see the build in my logs

Have you run a new build since form detection was enabled?

You should see the form and fields being detected in your build log, I believe it’s in the “deploy” section, as it occurs during the post-processing.

If you don’t see it there, then it’s not being detected, and if it’s not being detected it won’t work.

There’s also a forms debugging support guide here: