Can I update my web hosting through netflify?

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing good. I have a website and its web hosting is going to expire in next few days and now I want to change my hosting provider. Now I want to update my hosting through netlify. Is it possible to change the hosting provider and update my hosting by netlify?
If the answer is yes then kindly show me the right way how could I do this?
Here is me website URL for more understanding.
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

It seems like you’re using Shopify. Shopify is not supported (as it is) on Netlify. Netlify can only host static HTML, CSS, JS files, nothing that needs a database, etc. You’d have to rely on APIs.

You might have to use something like this:, which might be too difficult to migrate considering you just need a different hosting.

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Hrishikesh Thanks for your great response. I checked your link but I didn’t get much information as I want.

That link was just supposed to give you an example of how you can get started and not supposed to be an in-depth code.

Anyways, to sum it up, if you’d be willing to write code and develop an entire replica of your website from scratch, then it’s possible to use Netlify, not otherwise.

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