Caa record preventing issuance of ssl cert

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This site is down because netlify can’t reissue the ssl cert. I am getting an error in netlify saying “caa record prevents issuance”

The domain administrator stated there was a caa record in place on the apex domain. This is for another service running on a subdomain, however he doesn’t want to remove it. Instead he changed the host in the caa record from @ to the name of the subdomain they use - but I am still seeing the caa record show up for the apex domain.

What do I need to do to allow netlify to reissue the ssl cert? Is there a way around this?

The site is working fine for me. And it has an SSL certificate.

This sounds ike a good idea.

DNS record propagation takes time.

Nothing. It’s working now! :tada:

Thanks. I eventually got him to remove the caa record and that it wouldn’t bring down the other site, and this fixed the problem.