Build timeout caused by Angular 9 esm2015 package compilation


My team has a rather big Angular app hosted on Netlify.
Everything about build was ok until Angular 9 introduced precompilation of node modules into es5 and esm2015 versions for differential loading.

It happens once per yarn install so it’s not troublesome during development but it takes about 7-8 minutes for this particular app.
If any dependency changes, Netlify build always performs yarn install from scratch and this deps compilation has to occur.
With extracting build tools from cache this leaves about 4 minutes for the whole app to build.

Tried different things to decrease the build time itself but it’s not the build time that’s the problem, it’s that preprocessing of dependencies is included in timeout limit.

How to increase the timeout limit so that my build has a chance to pass?
Alternatively, given that some command to trigger dependency preprocessing is supplied, how one can perform the preprocessing before my build (so that only actual build is taken into timeout account)?

The issue described above prevents us from adding/removing/updating any dependencies if we want to release anything so it’s kind of a deal breaker.

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