Build fails on netlify

I need advice to debug deploy Netlify App (Nuxt.js application - static site)

I works fine on my computer (locally), it usually takes around 2-3000 seconds. But here on netlify i fails.


3:33:33 AM: failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit

Hi, welcome! Your deploy is failing because the deploy cutoff time is set at 15 minutes. More info here: [Common Issue] How long should Netlify builds take?.

So if I upgrade to Pro plan, I have unlimited deploy time?

I think you actually need a Business plan for that, as @luke mentions here.

I’m assuming that your build time is that long because you’re transforming images. I’d suggest to have a look at Netlify Large Media to drastically improve your build time.

I would second what tom said. Your best bet is to try and see if there are ways you can minimize your build time:

if you run a search for “build time” you will see a lot more searches depending on different circumstances :+1:

I am afraid I don’t minify/compress images; we just have 2500 products and product pages to create.

Makes sense! You do not in fact need even a Pro plan to get more build time! If you’ll put a credit card onto your team’s billing page so we will be able to charge you for build minutes usage over the amount included on your team, and let me know which site or sites need up to 30 minutes to build, we can get that/those site(s) up to 30 minutes of time allocated per build.

Will be looking into this