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React build is so slow that netlify killed the deployment

As the title says. I upgraded react-scripts to v4 and the build time went from ~6min to ~13min. Now netlify kills the deployment. On my local env the build takes ~4min, what can I do to reduce the build. I know the internet is swarming with cra slow builds but none of them are actually helpful.

I’m using

  • node: v14.12 (also on Netlify)
  • yarn: v1.22.5 (also on Netlify)
  • craco/craco: V5.7.0
  • typescript: V4.0.2
  • react-scripts: v4.0

hey there, sorry to be slow to respond.

I have a few general resources for you as far as optimizing your build goes:

one thing we can also do is bump your deploy time up to 30 mins if you have a credit card on file. would that be helpful? that way you can at least deploy for now.