Build failing due to exceeding allowed build time of 15 mins

I’m experiencing a build problem today with the build failing due to exceeding the 15 min build time. However I believe this account should be exempt from that restriction - I did a build a few days ago which took longer than this without issue.

Site name is currently ‘eloquent-darwin-74a5e4’.

Can your remove the restriction?

Can I also ask if there is any way to speed up the post build process? Based on my last experience I think the site took around 20 mins to build (it’s a large site and this is the build from scratch with no caching) but somewhere in the region of 70 mins to deploy. I appreciate it’s a large site but wondered if there are any options.

Thanks in advance for your help.

hi there, we have updated your build time limit to 30min. let us know if things work better now.