[Bug Report] 404 on a file that has non latin characters

I’d like to report a bug.

I have a file on a site https://master--zivotsbedoucz.netlify.app/img/barevné-listy-citát-podzim-post-na-instagram-14.png that returns 404 even though the file is actually in the build. That can be verified by downloading the build.

I can confirm it works when I get rid of the é and á from the name.

This worked when using deploy preview. The image would work just fine.

I have asset optimization enabled (everything). I assume it fails because of that.

I can see the image on that URL:

Did something change?

Wow. Interesting. This happened yesterday and I’ve waited until today to report it as I had no time to do so.
Only thing that changed in between is that I’ve added an extra file without diacritics https://master--zivotsbedoucz.netlify.app/img/barca_pribeh.png and did another build (automatically).

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t cached as the image was actually missing on the front page of the blog which appeared in the deploy preview. And the image wasn’t going through image optimization service because the url in html was to netlify endpoint directly, not going through cloudfront. Whole yesterday this did not work.

I’ve pushed extra file to a test branch and it works, but it does not go through cloudfront.
And I’ve pushed it to master branch and that works as well.

Dunno. Sunflares I guess. I guess disregard the report then.