Bubble.io and netlify app

I have connected my bubble app with netlify. A user on my app that has their own page can now use their own domain to show the page. A problem I have run into is that on the bubble app, as I navigate through the page, I use paths to hide/show different groups i.e service page. The url looks like this: domain.com/page_name/services

When I pull up the page with the domain the client wants to use, there is no change in the url i.e when I go to services page the url remains as the clients url without any routing/paths. I noticed the branch subdomains option and the only way to access that feature is by connecting to a repository.

Is there any way to achieve what I want while using bubble?

Hi @blop5521,

Not sure what you’re doing here. Could you share your site name so we can try to understand what you are trying?

I have built a page apart of an application I put together on bubble… you can find it here:

When navigating through that page, I am using url paths to hide/show different parts of the page… It looks like its own website, but it is only one page apart of my application.

I have used netlify so that when someone goes to the domain the client purchased, https://belangerphysicaltherapy.com we will see the page that has been created.

The only issue is that when navigating throughout the page when you are viewing it with the url “belangerphysicaltherapy.com” - there is no change in the url… it works fine, but I imagine without the changes in the url it is not as SEO friendly as I would like it to be.

Hi @blop5521

The reason the URL in the address bar does not change is because belangerphysicaltherapy.com is using an <iframe>. Only the <iframe> path will change, not the address bar.

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