Bot commit problems after recent Netlify git committer changes

My bot now can’t release anymore. It is blocked by a message:
You’ve received a deploy request on your site **URL** from a Git contributor without a Netlify team member account.

Now, this is a bot but I grant the possibility to deploy.
I click Match with team member but no luck, I cannot match with any existing profile.

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but in any case I need some help to solve the situation because I cannot trigger the build neither manually from my account. :confused:

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Hi @perry and thanks for support.
The site id is eloquent-morse-90cfdb

I did not receive the communication of the change but I think this is not a problem.

I am only trying to merge my “deploy bot user” with my real user and the functions seems not working.

I’m the only mantainer and I have a pro plan with only 1 member

Hey there, @emish89 :wave:

Thanks for your patience here. We have made a change and bot committers via a github app should no longer require having to match to a team member or invite. Can you please confirm if you are still experiencing obstacles?

Thanks so much.

@hillary Can you provide further details on the change made?

It sounds to me like this would be immediately one of the workarounds that people could utilise to entirely circumvent the “per-seat” pricing model that you’re working so hard to enforce.

Yup! We don’t intend to charge for bots from the GitHub marketplace - dependabot, etc are not intended to require a paid seat. We are not trying to rob you and understand that there are a fair number of automated robots who do not “get the value of a Netlify team seat” from building commits here :slight_smile:

Bot/Service accounts that you create manually would still fall under the “seat required” by default; we can discuss if you feel like there is one that should be excluded on a case by case basis.

Wait, so if we’re a team of 3 developers (which we are).

We have one client account (which the client only wants for their own “peace of mind” and never logs into - but we pay you for every month).

Then we want to have a bot that does some commits.

We’re a 3 person company, paying for 5 accounts, and we’re 2 seats away from becoming an enterprise company at $2000-$3000 USD a month?

Come on @fool, that’s outrageous.


I don’t mean to be insensitive or ridiculous; I hear your frustration I assure you that I am reviewing all of this feedback with our leadership. However, I think it is a bit disingenuous to say that your $95 team is “almost a $2000 team”. We made this change knowing it would NOT drive everyone to Enterprise, including teams like yours.

How so? I don’t believe I’m misrepresenting anything or “playing dumb”, I can only go on the information you’ve provided.

Here are the facts as I currently see them…

Read: 7 or more team members = Enterprise plan

Read: All repository contributors that trigger a build must be team members

Read: Custom bots must be team members (unless an exception is made - for which there is no guarantee)

You’re right, this will not drive us to Enterprise.
All it will do is drive us and others like us away entirely.
It may have been Netlify’s intention, but I can’t imagine you want to lose customers.

I understand that if Netlify’s product is no longer the right fit for us that it’s within our rights to move, the problem is the betrayal of trust and the cost & stress that you’ve imposed on long standing customers.

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Everything you wrote applies to our org 100%. How are we an enterprise with 7 devs working on an app? On top of that, this change came on Friday morning, while we all know that big changes should never be deployed on Fridays.

Did Netlify do this on purpose, to undermine their patrons’ trust? :exploding_head:


I’m with these guys @fool. I don’t think it’s disingenuous. If I have a service and I’m two users away from a prohibitive cost increase, (as opposed to a linearly scaling increase) this isn’t a service I can use if I intend to continue to grow my business.

We are with these guys too…

@fool Can I get a response please?

I understand the dust hasn’t fully settled, but I’m disappointed you were so quick to shoot me down and call me disingenuous, while my assessment is made entirely from Netlify’s published details, I’m not privy to information that you may be.

It’d be great to hear why you’re so adamant that smaller teams won’t be considered enterprise teams prematurely, what are the safeguards that Netlify have in place with the new pricing model?

Hey Nathan,

I’ll speak to what I can. I don’t make policy on this topic, and am not able to address it here.

I’ll start by apologizing for my insensitive wording in the disingenuous statement; that was my statement and I need to own it. I’m sorry that I trivialized your concerns, which are valid. My statement was intended to say 5 != 7, and not imply anything more.

I think we all agree - people in this thread, and Netlify - that the roll out and communications for this launch were not up to Netlify’s standards or your expectations for them, as our CEO pointed out here (I think you have all seen it, but just in case: Upcoming changes to Netlify plans - #134 by biilmann).

This change is complex, and we are working on improving it now. That work is in progress.

I, and my staff including @perry and @hillary are not the ones making the decisions about how we do it or how we talk about it, and so I and they cannot “rush” an answer to questions on which I am not the authority. I can beg for your patience, which you can choose to withhold or not, but I cannot create something from nothing, and I do not have the information you want today. Nobody has concrete data; we have plans, and we are working on them. Those plans may change, so we are not sharing them yet. When they are firm, we will.

As promised, we will share more news as soon as we can - likely later this week, and we will share that news when it is ready. I think that we’ve already seen the effects of poorly planned communications and so I appreciate your patience as we continue with our status quo:

  • not to enforce this change today
  • to continue work on retooling it

…before we make any fast promises that may not be possible to implement in code, or that may change as we write the code and discover better ways to do things.

Once we have a firm plan, and have it most of the way implemented to ensure practicality and fitness for use, we can then give you the details, so you can make the best, correctly informed decision for your business.

@fool Excellent, thanks!

Just so we’re on the same page, I didn’t mean to make any implication that 5 === 7 (or even 5 == 7), but precisely what I wrote, which is that 5 + 2 === 7.

Sorry for chasing you down, I don’t expect you to rush, you were just so emphatic that I thought I’d missed a detail or misread something, and I’d honestly love to be wrong.

I completely understand that the support team are doing their best and can only go on the information that they’re provided by the other teams at Netlify.

Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

In order to keep conversation all in one place, please continue the discussion there.